Wu Xiaoli, who is an artisan from Hangzhou, suddenly became the talk of the town when she created miniature idols of G20 leaders. But it was the replication of PM Modi that created quite a stir in China.

Wu Xiaoli, who terms Prime Minister Modi as a handsome man, has spent almost a year to craft the small miniatures. She placed a dove, the symbol for peace, on his shoulder, and also especially chose a lotus flower to be placed by his feet.

She also made detailed idols of other G20 leaders which include Chinese President Xi Jinping, and US President Barack Obama.  Each doll replicates the minute details of the leaders as she studied dozens of photographs and videos of PM Modi and other leaders.

"I was happy to know my town Hangzhou is going to host the G20, so I wanted to do something special to mark the event. I worked on this for 10 months to get this ready in time for G20," she said.