"Which poor has got a plot, has anyone got...but then where have thousands of acres of land disappeared, who has taken this. Does Haryana want to settle account," he said kicking off his party's election campaign in Haryana for the October 15 Assembly polls.

Modi took no names but the attack comes against the backdrop of controversies surrounding the land deals of Congress President Sonia Gandhi's son-in-law Robert Vadra which the Hooda government is believed to have helped him.

He also sought a clear mandate for the BJP in Haryana for putting the state on a growth trajectory.

Continuing his Lok Sabha plank of ousting the Congress, the Prime Minister hit out at the Congress for the state's backwardness.

Seeking to connect with the farmers of the state, Modi in his 30-minute address, hit out at the Congress for stating that the Centre had imposed ban on Basmati rice export.

Modi said he was surprised at the lies being spread among the people of Haryana that the Centre had imposed a ban on Basmati export.

Karnal region is a famous Basmati belt in the country.

"My farmer brothers and sisters, on one thing you are being misled, naked lies are being told, you are being told that the Centre has imposed a ban on export of Basmati rice, this is 100 percent lies. This is injustice with the farmers.

"What is the truth then, I want to tell you that in Haryana 'mandis', Congress government has imposed 4 percent tax and as a result Haryana farmer who sells his Basmati is
unable to compete in the competitive market," he said.
"The anti-farmer Congress, which is in power for 10 years, is responsible because of which the Basmati producing farmer is distraught," he said, adding that the water table is going down, and the government is unable to supply adequate power to consumers.

Modi also launched a veiled attack on main opposition INLD, asking the people whether they would like the State being governed from jail.

INLD President and former Chief Minister Om Prakash Chautala has been sentenced in the teachers recruitment scam.
Chautala, who is out on bail on health grounds, had said he would take oath as the next CM from Tihar Jail.

Further lambasting the Congress as well as the previous INLD government, which ruled the State from 2000-05, Modi asked the people had they got any happiness during the past 15

"Tell me one thing, have the governments during the past 15 years given you any happiness, haven't you faced problems during this time, did 'goondas' used to come for evicting people from their houses and forcibly occupying property and plots, do you want to get rid from such things, then you will have to give me an opportunity to serve you," he said.

Seeking to puncture the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government's 'Haryana No 1' campaign, Modi said Haryana has fallen behind and lagged on several parameters.

"In literacy, Haryana is at 22th position in the country. For removing unemployment, the state is at 18th position," he said.

Modi said in terms of growth rate, poverty alleviation, per capita income, per capita expenditure on education, health, agriculture, rural development and transport, Haryana is at 20th position, 9, 8, 12, 19, 18, 13 and 7 respectively.

"They talk about farmers. Who is anti-farmer. You have to decide...are they not enemies of villages," he said.

Modi sought clear mandate for BJP candidates for Haryana polls, assuring he would change the "fortunes" of Haryana.

"Do not go for those who have already been tried," he said.

Modi said today the entire world was looking at India with greater respect and this had happened not because of him, but the power of 125 crore people of India, who had formed a strong and stable government at the Centre.

He said earlier India did not get the due weightage, but the perspective of the world towards India had now changed.

"What has changed, why has India's pride increased today? This is not because of Modi, don't be mistaken. This is because 125 crore people have formed a strong and stable government at the Centre. This magic is yours and not that of Modi, this magic is of 125 crore people of our country and those of Haryana," he said.
"Do you want that Haryana's name also echo around the world," he asked the gathering.

"Its first condition is that there should be 'Congress mukt Haryana'. The second that a stable government with full majority should be formed. And third, there should be a government which lets Modi work in Haryana," he said.

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