"Modi-ji talks about democracy but does not talk about our farmers and labourers, who run this democracy. He forgets them," Rahul Gandhi told a group of farmers from northern India at 10, Janpath.

Congress president Sonia Gandhi, too, was present for the interaction. The programme was organised by Youth Congress to 'celebrate the victory' of farmers after the government was 'forced' to let the land Ordinance lapse in the face of vociferous protests by opposition parties, including, prominently, the Congress.

"This is the victory of Congress. But it is the victory of farmers as well," said Rahul. Youth Congress president Amarinder Singh Raja Brar said around 400 farmers from states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh met the Congress president and the Vice President to express their solidarity over the isue.

Congress is holding a Kisan Mazdoor Samman Rally at the Ramlila Ground here on September 20 to greet farmers and party workers after it 'forced the government' to not go for a renewal of the 'draconian' land ordinance.

In the run-up to the rally, Congress youth wing activists today gathered outside 10, Janpath, and party headquarters 24, Akbar Road, to celebrate what they termed was their success at having 'compelled the BJP-led government to go back to UPA's land law'.

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