Besides interacting with representatives of major political parties, the Prime Minister also met the delegations from Fruit and Saffron Growers Association, hoteliers, house-boat owners, travel agents, NGOs, civil society, schools, transporters, academicians and trade bodies.

Fruit and saffon growers association highlighted that most of the growers have suffered heavy losses to their crops. Besides, the fruit that is available is not being purchased at proper rates by dealers in Delhi and other parts of the country.

"They requested for assistance in selling the apple, saffron and other produce in the market, crop insurance, cold storage and cold chain facility, subsidy for transporting the produce to the market and moratorium on bank loans re-payment and soft loans facility," a press release issued by Union Home Secretary Anil Goswami said.

The hoteliers, houseboat owners, shikarawals and travel agents pointed out that a large number of business establishments have suffered total losses and demanded ex-gratia for business losses and concessional or soft loan facility.

They also demanded 10-year tax holiday, speedy settlement of insurance claims, and negating the adverse publicity generated about Jammu and Kashmir, the release said.

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