"If you think Land Boundary Agreement is about land going this side and that side then think again. It is a meeting of hearts," Modi said in an address to select group of intellectuals, politicians, bureaucrats and students before departing for New Delhi yesterday.
Talking about ratification of the pact signed 41 years ago to settle the vexed boundary issue, Modi cited a media report that compared it to the fall of the Berlin Wall.
"Had such a thing been done elsewhere, there would have been lot of discussion on. It would have open road for Nobel Prize. Nobody will ask us as we are from poor countries," he said.
Earlier, a joint statement issued by both the countries said Modi and his Bangladeshi counterpart Sheikh Hasina have given directives to the concerned officials on both sides for "expeditious implementation of the 1974 LBA on the ground".
India and Bangladesh yesterday had ratified the agreement to resolve the 41-year-old vexed border issue.
"People used to think we are close. But now the world will have to accept that we are close and we are we together," he said, drawing rapturous applause.
Under the LBA deal, 111 border enclaves will be transferred to Bangladesh in exchange for 51 that will become part of India.
Recalling India's role in Bangladesh's Liberation War, Modi said, "When we think of Bangladesh we feel very proud of the fact that even our jawans have given their blood for this nation."
Calling the visit very successful, Modi also said some people will closely scrutinise his two-day visit here.

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