This was stated by Cabinet Secretary Pradeep Kumar Sinha in a recent directive to Secretaries of all Central government ministries. In June this year, all the Secretaries had been directed to seek prior approval before signing of such MoUs.

"It is still being noticed that Cabinet notes on MoUs are being brought before the Cabinet for its post facto approval or information after considerable delay from the date of signing of such MoUs.

"Prime Minister has expressed displeasure in this regard and directed that all MoUs that are signed by Departments and are required to be brought before the Cabinet for post facto approval or information, under the extreme provisions, must be submitted within one month of the signing of the MoU," Sinha said.

In case of any delay, the note should detail the specific reason and justification in submitting the note before the Cabinet after the prescribed time limit, he added. Sinha had in June this year also written to all the secretaries in this regard.

He had stated that the Prime Minister had expressed concern that some ministries or Departments were seeking approval for signing MoUs with foreign countries or organisations at the eleventh hour under a rule that is invoked for situations of extreme urgency or unforeseen contingency.

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