"Because of Prime Minister Modi's visit to America, his high energy and his great vision for India, he showed leaders in the US that he is very serious about building a great future for India and its people," Gabbard said.

She said for those in (USA) government, business and many other sectors, there is a recognition of this great potential and his (Modi's) plans to achieve that.

"They see the opportunity to work here in common areas where we have shared common interests," Gabbard added.

"I personally met the business leaders in US who are very excited about opportunity to invest in India, to do business with this country (India) and also have met with business leaders in India who are expressing the same interests," she said.

"Now you have two groups of people who share a common goal and I think there is a great room for cooperation and collaboration between both the nations," she added.
Gabbard, who met Modi earlier this week, said she felt "encouraged" after meeting him. "I was very encouraged in my meeting with him to hear about the progress he has made," she said. US representative was impressed with the ‘Clean India’ initiative too.

"I was aware about Clean India programme before I came here. I thought it was a great idea. I spoke to PM about this programme during my meeting with him, and over the first few days of my visit here I had heard from members of parliament, US embassy and many people how much progress this program has made in short duration," she commented.

Gabbard during her visit to a government run school in Delhi’s Jor Bag area last week had joined the students in cleaning the campus.

"I finished one meeting and I was on the way in an unplanned and impromptu visit to government school, I asked whether I could help children in the school in cleaning when I stopped there," she said.

"I asked them to share with me how they are participating in 'Clean India' and they were very excited. I also appreciate in my own that every one of us, no matter who we are, student, teacher, politician, businessman, doctor, each of us has a responsibility to take care of our home, communities, streets, our parks," Gabbard added.

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