Prime Minister addresses the gathering at Madison Square Garden

11:02 PM - I thank everyone for turning up in such huge numbers. I thank everyone for all the love that has been given to me. I will repay this debt by building a new and prosperous India. An India of your dreams.

10:50 PM - In some time, we will merge PIO and OCI schemes and make it one

10:45 PM - Those who stay in India for long have to go to police stations too. They won't have to do that now: PM on issues of PIO card holders

10:40 PM - PIO card holders will be given permanent Indian visa

10:30 PM - Gandhi ji gave us independence, what did we give him? He never compromised on cleanliness, shouldnt we clean the nation for him

10:25 PM - Earlier governments only talked about making new laws, I have removed all laws that were outdated and redundant. There was a web of policies in which people get caught

10:20 PM - People sitting here have grown up eating the same food in India as we do, if you all can do it, so can we back in India

10:19 PM - Like freedom struggle was a national movement, development too should be seen as a national movement

10:17 PM - I might live miles away from you, But I do understand your issues

10:15 PM - Unfortunately until now responsibility of development in our nation was with the Govt, now we share that with the people

10:11 PM - America is oldest democracy of world, India is biggest democracy. People from all over come to America, Indians are everywhere in the world

10:09 PM - We are youngest country of World, nation will progress at fast pace with capabilities of Youth

10:08 PM - One of the things that India can be proud of is our democracy, through democracy people fulfil their dreams

10:07 PM - We are youngest country of World, nation will progress at fast pace with capabilities of Youth

10:05 PM - India has that capability and possibilities to make 21st Century, India's Century

10:02 PM - The World is convinced now that the 21st century is the era of Asia

09:58 PM - I thank the NRIs for their participation in the Indian general elections 2014

09:56 PM - You may not have voted in 2014 but am sure when results were coming, you didn't sleep & celebrated

09:55 PM - Through your actions and values you have earned immense respect in USA: Modi to NRIs

09:54 PM
- Our ancestors used to play with snakes but now our youths plays with 'mouse'

09:53 PM
- Several friends have not been able to join the programme and they are standing outside. My greetings to them and everyone watching this programme.

09:52 PM - I'm extremely fortunate that I'm amidst the Indians who have made India proud. If it were not for you and the youth of the country, we would still have been thought of as a country of snakes and snake charmers.

09:51 PM - PM begins his speech with "Bharat Mata ki Jai"

09:50 PM - PM Modi addressing Indian-American community in New York

09:48 PM - Indian national anthem reverberates at Madison Square Garden as Modi arrives for the grand event

09:46 PM- Madison Square Gardens filled with cheers of 'Modi Modi Modi' as he arrives on the stage for the national anthem.

09:40 PM - PM Narendra Modi has arrived at Madison Square Garden.

09:37 PM- The US national anthem is being sung now at the Madison Square Garden.

09:00 PM - Blockbuster performances going on stage as everyone awaits PM Modi at Madison Square Garden.

08: 58 PM- A group of over 100 Bohra Muslims were among the gathering of Indian-American diaspora to hear Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Madison Square.

08: 53 PM - After spellbinding performance with "I love my India", Kavita Krishnamurthy is singing a "fusion version" of "Vaishnav jan to", one of Mahatma Gandhi's favourite bhajans.

08:45 PM - Kavita Krishnamurthy and violinist Dr L Subramaniam are presenting a Bollywood hit song "I love my India" from the movie "Pardes".

08:32 PM - A Gujarati garba dance performance kickstarted the grand rockstar-like reception of Prime Minister Narendra Modi hosted by Indian-Americans, as thousands-strong crowd shouted 'Har Har Modi' among other slogans.


08:30 PM - Ms America 2014 Nina Davuluri is anchoring the grant event.

People have come by chartered flights, buses and trains, besides driving down to New York from all over North America, as they have come together on an unprecedented scale to honour Prime Minister Narendra Modi at New York's legendary Madison Square Garden.

More than 30,000 people registered for tickets and the 18,500 were chosen by a lottery and 2,000 were placed on a waiting list.

A majority of them are young Indian Americans with a sizeable number of them being women which reflects the wide popularity Modi enjoys among the diaspora.

More than 400 organizations have signed on Welcome Partners for the event, itself an unprecedented show of unity in the community.

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