Junagadh (Gujarat): Expressing concern over growing Bangladeshi infiltration in India, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday said the Prime Minister should clarify on the country's policy towards the problem.
He also accused Singh of adopting "dual standards" on sporadic violence in the country with regards to incidents in Assam and Mumbai, in his 66th Independence Day speech here.

"Prime Minister, the country wants to know what are you thinking about Bangladeshi infiltration. What are your policies. Will Bangladeshi have a sway in India," Modi said.
"The infiltration of Bangladeshis in India is becoming a issue of concern. Assam (violence) is just a small example of it, it is becoming a major problem for the nation, Modi said.
Accusing the PM of adopting dual standards, he said, "Why the Prime Minister has remained silent on the violence in Mumbai, while he expressed remorse on the violent protests in Assam Why this dual standards? How can a Prime Minister of a country be mum on such a serious incident."     

Expressing dissatisfaction on PM's speech, Modi said he heard the speech not as a CM but as a common man and was disappointed. The Chief Minister expressed shock that the PM can say 'prices may rise' or cite coalition compulsions.
What happened to the promises of cheap interest rates for the middle class people to build houses or the cheap education loans, he asked. He said if the PM makes promises but does not keep them, how does he expect the people of India to believe him and his Government?
Modi also wondered why there was no plan to tackle malnutrition. He also accused the PM of waking up late to the issue of skill development in the nation. Modi said that despite his bringing the matter to the notice of Prime Minister atleast four years ago, it was only now that the PM woke up to the need of strengthening youth with skill development and wondered whether even this claim of the PM can be believed?
He further said that it is a matter of great pride that Gujarat has topped the list of employment generation in India and has the lowest unemployment figures as per Government of India statistics.
Taking a dig on those opposing Gujarat's development policies, particularly the Congress, Modi said that it is your Prime Minister who says that FDI is needed in the country for employment generation.


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