"The Prime Minister (is being) insulted repeatedly to elevate Rahul Gandhi. 'Nonsense' is his (Rahul's) new moniker for the Government. PM should resign if he disagrees with this," Chandrababu Naidu wrote on social networking website Twitter.
"Rahul Gandhi's reaction to the ordinance is dubious. He would have known about it every step from drafting to passage by the Government," he said in another tweet.
Meanwhile, Naidu wrote a letter to President Pranab Mukherjee requesting him to direct the Centre to suspend the proposed ordinance, till the subject matter is discussed in Parliament and public in detail before a final decision is taken on the issue.
"I strongly feel that approval of the ordinance was not expected from a person of your stature, which would only ensure perpetuation of criminals in politics. Such matters relating to the country's future ought to have been subjected to a national debate before simply allowing such backdoor public policies," the ex-Andhra CM noted in the letter.
Rahul Gandhi on Friday called the ordinance to protect convicted MPs and MLAs from immediate disqualification as ‘complete nonsense.’


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