New Delhi: After facing criticism from all corners over his remark on the RTI Act, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has now decided to spread awareness about the advantages of the Right to Education (RTE).  

It has been more than a year since the RTE was implemented, but many school children and their parents are still unaware of its advantages. Even many states delayed the implementation of the law.

Taking the situation into consideration, the Prime Minister has decided to raise awareness about RTE. The Centre in this regard is going to hold meetings with the states.   

The sub-group of the National Advisory Council which is responsible for the campaigning of the Act has formulated the draft in this regard. As per the draft, the awareness campaign would be initiated on the National Education Day, November 11, from Mewat district of Haryana which is one of the most backward districts in term of education.

According to sources, the PM has written a letter to headmasters of 13 lakh primary schools asking them to read it out to students on the occasion of national Education Day.

The awareness programme about the RTE would be carried out with the help of newspapers, news channel and street plays.

The PM’s personalised message, which will be translated into 14 languages to cover every region, aims to encourage children, parents and 6 lakh school teachers. 

Notably, the government has kept a three-year deadline for the complete implementation of the law which would end on March 31, 2013.

For the active participation of state governments in this connection, Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal has called a meeting of education ministers of states.

(JPN/ Bureau)