New Delhi: Against the backdrop of recent agitations in different states over land acquisition, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is expected to hold a meeting of Chief Ministers this month to discuss the issue.

Unfinished agenda of land reforms, modernization of land records and revamping of revenue administration constitute the agenda for the first meeting of the 'National Council for Land Reforms', a Government source said on Sunday.

The Prime Minister has agreed to call the meeting, the official said.
Meanwhile, the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) has examined recommendations in the report of the 'Committee on State Agrarian Relations and the Unfinished Task in Land Reforms'.

The latter was constituted by the Department of Land Resources (DoLR).

The CoS has recommended "immediate action" on the basis of the report which recommended that "there is an urgent need to re-visit the land ceiling limits in different categories to be implemented with retrospective effect."

It is recommended that the state should be free to revise its ceiling limits provided that they do not exceed the ceiling already fixed even on regional and sub-regional basis.

"The new limit should be 5-10 acres in the case of irrigated land and 10-15 acres for non-irrigated land, to be decided by the concerned state governments," it recommended.

"States may be urged to re-visit the land ceiling limits in rural areas with prospective effect, fixing the limits using the norms of standard acres and keeping in view agricultural productivity of the land," the report said.