The Minister of State for Home, who is in-charge of this subject, said while making these new policy changes in the constitution of NDMA, the Modi government was very serious as one cannot "play with the lives of the people" by making wrong appointments to this body.
"The NDMA which is a main institution in our national- level policy framework and which came into existence by an Act in Parliament and the Prime Minister is its Chairman and there are members and there are officials. But how was it functioning? I was responding to a question in Parliament that we definitely do not want to make the members in NDMA as parking lot for the retired politicians or for political adjustments. We cannot afford to do that.
"Honourable PM (while referring to Modi) was very clear that we must make NDMA very effective and efficient. All the members should be professionals and they must respond to the Act. We cannot take it as a right for political juggernauts and that somebody has to be adjusted so that the post (in NDMA) has been created. We cannot play with the lives of people," Rijiju said while addressing delegates of a regional SAARC workshop on the said subject.
He said PM Modi is very serious when it comes to dealing with calamities, whether man-made or natural.
"I am very fortunate and very happy that our PM is very very concerned and the way he has responded to disasters in the last six-and-a-half months it is there for the world to see," Rijiju said.
The Minister lauded the manner in which the Prime Minister dealt with natural disasters in Jammu and Kashmir, Andhra Pradesh and Odisha.

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