"Prime Minister will have find out a way out (to end crises). The issue is continuing in the public domain for such a long time and has reached Parliament", Azad said.
Azad futher said "It will be very bad, if there would be no deliberation on it by the PM. It is not the right thing that country would be divided on such an issue of conversions."
Castigating the Bharatiya Janta Party for allegedly using polarization card to garner public support, Azad said on Thursday that development not communal politics will lead the way to peace and prosperity in Jammu and Kashmir.
Addressing a public gathering in Khor area of Chamb constituency, Azad said BJP was sinking in Jammu after facing a rout in Kashmir during the recently held elections.
Azad said as a last ditch effort, the BJP leaders were trying to mislead the voters in Jammu by luring them with false promises and hollow slogans.
"BJP can never deliver. This party ignored the people of Kashmir, and are now exploiting the people of Jammu for their petty political interests. In Kashmir, they have a different tone and language and in Jammu, they have different," Azad said.
He claimed that the statements made by the BJP on issues like Article 370, AFSPA and refugees were only political gimmickry.
The Leader of Opposition further said ceasefire violations had reduced sharply during the tenure of UPA government. He said since the BJP came into power, the violations have increased manifold.
He said the heartbroken BJP after being rejected by the people in the four phases of the elections were now trying to 'fool' the people of Jammu with the baseless allegations of discrimination.
"In Kashmir, BJP says the Valley was discriminated. In Jammu, they repeated the same script. BJP has exposed itself before the masses and is changing colour like chameleons in Jammu and Kashmir," he said, adding that a secular party like Congress can only lead the state to peace, progress and prosperity.
"The people should vote for the Congress candidates and make them successful. I promise our party will give people an accountable and responsible government. We'll also revive the era of fast track development of all the regions," he added.

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