Commenting on the latest cut in jet fuel prices which has made it cheaper than diesel, PMK founder and leader S Ramadoss said though a price cut had been effected for the aviation turbine fuel, petrol and diesel were left untouched.

ATF now costs lesser than both petrol and diesel.
"The Centre had increased Excise Duty on petrol and diesel, not passing off the benefit of the drop in international crude oil price to consumers. One cannot understand the rationale behind the fuel used by common people becoming costly than the one used by the rich. Could it have been a progressive feeling that motorists should stop using their two-wheelers and opt for flights," he said in a statement here.
While the NDA government had slashed prices of petrol and diesel by Rs 13.22 and Rs 9.88 respectively so far, jet fuel rates had come down by Rs 25, he said.      

He recalled his previous statement on the issue when he asked what kind of economic diplomacy the Modi Government was practicing when ATF fuel rates went cheaper than petrol ten days ago during an earlier slashing of the rates.     

Of the three, diesel enjoyed maximum usage, especially in the public transport sector, fisheries and SMEs with users of petrol and diesel predominantly comprising of lower and middle-classes whereas consumers of ATF were generally the rich, he said adding, therefore jet fuel used to cost more.

But the government had 'forgot this reality,' he said.
Ramadoss demanded that the Centre review the rates of petrol and diesel prices so as to ensure they were cheaper than ATF.

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