Party founder S Ramadoss, in a statement, said the Union Cabinet's approval of promulgation of ordinance for increasing FDI in insurance sector besides okaying re-promulgating the Coal ordinance amounted to "murder of democracy".
"The budget session is due in another two months. If the Modi government respects democracy, it should have strived for getting Opposition consensus on the two controversial bills. But by not waiting even for two months and promulgating ordinances, (the government) has committed a brutal murder of democracy," Ramadoss charged.
The ordinance route should be adopted in exceptional cases and not made a routine affair as this will allow for democracy paving the way for "authoritarian" rule, he said.
Ramadoss alleged that the BJP government "is concerned in ensuring the welfare of big foreign and domestic firms" in the name of reforms and said the increase in FDI in insurance
sector from 26 per cent to 49 per cent will allow private firms have a free run.
Even under the 26 per cent ceiling, foreign insurance firms could not deliver satisfactory services and only LIC, a PSU, was enjoying the confidence of Indian people, he said, adding, there was no need to increase the cap on FDI in this sector.
Recalling BJP's stiff opposition to any attempts to increase the FDI limit in insurance sector during the UPA rule, he wondered why it had changed its stance.
Calling for withdrawal of the two ordinances, Ramadoss also demanded that the Centre drop its proposal to increase FDI limit in insurance sector.

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