New York: Renowned legal activist and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s daughter, Amrit Singh, has received ‘Special Award for Excellence -2012’ for her remarkable contribution to the drive on protecting and upholding the laws on Human Rights.

She was felicitated with the award on Friday by India Abroad Society during a programme.  

Amrit Singh, 43, is the youngest daughter of Manmohan Singh and is working with a leading Methodist at Open Society Justice Initiative, mainly dealing with issues like national security and ways to combat terrorism. 

Amrit got the award for her report on tortures by USA’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The report has been titled – ‘Globalizing terror: CIA secret torture and extraordinary rendition’ which drew widespread attention in international media.

Each and every aspects of global torture network, where CIA played the leading role and other nations being cogs in the wheel, was discussed in an elaborate and descriptive manner in the report.

This report was published in February by Open Society Justice Initiative. It was also mentioned in the report that Pakistan, along with 54 nations in its ‘war’ against Al-Qaeda, assisted the US secret agency CIA in torturing the terror suspects, who were taken into custody.

Besides that, the identities of all 136 persons, who were taken into custody as terror suspects and were sent to other places by the CIA, have also been revealed.