"The extempore ‘heart-to-heart’ Independence Day address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi from the ramparts of Red Fort on Friday will inspire and motivate people of the country to connect with each other for making and moving India on the path of unity, integration and development," he said in a statement.

Naidu said Prime Minister's 60 minute account of the challenges before the nation and the road ahead is a reminder to the people, political and non-political executive of their responsibilities.

"Modi's passionate address that flowed from his heart has struck an emotional chord with millions of people who watched the address live and will definitely do the same with those who would come to know of it through other means," said Naidu, who along with his Cabinet colleagues, was present at Red Fort.

Referring to BJP's "achhe din" campaign, he said, "The way the Prime Minister could reach out to the people reassured them that their massive mandate in the recent Lok Sabha polls to Narendra Modi to provide a decisive leadership and lead the country to new heights will be fulfilled and 'achhe din' will certainly come."

"Today's Independence Day address of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one of the very few best such to come from a leader in my long years of public life," he maintained.

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