Reacting sharply, the opposition party alleged that it was the ruling Congress which was giving a "blatant communal angle" to everything and creating a divide in the society.

"It is the Congress which is giving a blatant communal angle to everything. Those who do such things and then give a statement calling all secular forces to come together (against Modi) look ridiculous. It is they who have created the real communal divide," BJP spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi said.

He cited Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde's recent letter to Chief Ministers telling them not to target Muslim youths and also his recent "Hindu terror" remarks which he was forced to withdraw after BJP's tough stand. The BJP leader also reminded Prime Minister Singh's statement made earlier that Muslims should have the first right over the country's natural resources and said such remarks created a communal divide.

"This government, whose Home Minister has written to Chief Ministers asking them for sparing youth of one community, those who say such things are now giving statement for all the secular forces to come together. It looks ridiculous," he said. Trivedi also accused the ruling party of giving everything in the name of the poor to one minority community which was "against the Constitution".

On his return from a week-long US tour, Prime Minister Singh cautioned the nation against the "onslaught" of Narendra Modi and asked all secular forces to come together against him and expressed the hope that people will vote against BJP by realizing what they are up for.

"I sincerely hope all secular forces will combine to face the onslaught of people like Narendra Modi. You will see that it will happen when people realize what they are up for," he said while returning from a visit to the US.


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