The diminutive Manohar Aich, who is 4ft 11inch tall, crossed several hurdles to achieve his body building glory and earning “Mr Universe” of India fame.

In many interviews, Mr Aich has talked about what is the secret to his maintained health at this age, he attributes his body building glory to his ability to manage his troubles and remain composed during hard times in his life.

What adds to it is a very basic diet of milk, vegetables and fruits along with fish, rice and lentils, which keeps him going for gym sessions.

Mr Manohar Aich was born in Comilla, a small town in Bengal, was a puny youngster. His dream of being the country's best body builder was stemmed when he saw a group of wrestlers when he was a school going kid.

He joined the Royal air force under the British colonial rule after he left school in 1942 and from then he dedicated himself to fulfilling his dreams.

Mr Aich was appreciated and encouraged by Reub Martin, a British officer and he further introduced him to weight training.

He also had prison stint when he staunchly protested colonial oppression upon Indian natives. And nothing could restrict his will power and it was in the jail where he started to achieve his ultimate pursuit where he practiced for more than 12 hours a day sometimes which also prepared him in a great way for World Championship.

Seeing his determination, he was given special diet by jail authorities so that nothing could act as a deterrent for him.

Mr Aich was released from the jail after India got Independence in 1947. Family of six people struggled a lot, it was even hard to send their four kids to school. At such a time when time as running too harsh for him, he opted for odd jobs to earn a little that would help him earning a peak.

Mr Aich made his place on the second spot in the contest in 1951 and later on he stayed in London to prepare for another try, he came back to India after winning the title in 1952.
His victory was followed by prestigious awards which included top positions in Asian Body building Championships. His glory surpassed the boundaries and he continued to earn the title of “Pocket Hercules” that was given to him because of his height.

Mr Aich later on went to guide his sons who run a gym and fitness centre. After a minor heart stroke in 2011, he was prescribed to stop weight lifting but he is keen on training the younger generation to achieve stellar heights in the field of body building.

Mr Aich wishes to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, his fellow counterpart and former Mr Universe and he has seen many of his action films.

None of his sons followed his path of body building but he takes much pride in his achievements and respect that changed his life. He profoundly boasts the success of Satya Paul, an eight-time national champion and Premchand Dogra who claimed the Mr Universe title in 1988.