Gurgoan : Wary and harassed by auto rickshaw wallahs for commuting in the millennium city, here is some good news for the Gurgaon residents as it will be the first city in the country where Pod taxi will be operational soon.

Decision to this effect was taken in a meeting Chaired by Haryana Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and Rajeev Arora, Managing Director of the Haryana State Industrial and Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (HSIIDC). It would take 3-months time to execute the plan.

It is to be noted that such taxies are being operated at Heathrow airport in London  presently.

The report, prepared by the project planner Ultra Fairwood Ltd, has presented the details of the route expansion possibilities in and around Gurgaon.

A meeting has already taken place in this regard. The work is likely to be started very soon on the proposed plan.

What is a Pod Taxi?

It is also known as Personal Rapid Transit (PRT). The specialities of this new discovery is that Pods don’t require dedicated driver. It is controlled by central control room. It provides last mile connectivity to each passenger. As per features it is equipped with four to six seats. It moves on rubber wheels. Usually run on an elevated guide-ways.

Sanjay Verma, Project manager of the Fairwood company said that American engineers are assisting to shelve the plan. Entire work will be completed in two and half years once the project gets a green signal of the state government. In the first leg road in the length of approximately 55 kilometer  was proposed  to be built but that would go for a change.

Now pod-line will extend upto 105 kilometer. Its wheels will be made of tyres and maximum 6 people can sit in it now. What is interesting about this is that a single person will be able to drive down to any designated place. Also it would make travelling to offices, malls and other areas easy.

Moreover, stations will be situated near malls and Metro stations. People wishing to travel in it would be required to purchase either a token or will have to get a smart card. Also it would help decrease traffic jams in the big cities of the country. Interestingly drivers will not be required to pull the train and would have the maximum speed of 30 kilometers.

PRT may have stations located off line and thereby eliminate traffic jams and can provide all passengers direct route to their destination without stops. It is run on batteries. Experts say, it can be powered by renewable energy sources such as solar cells (SPV) and hydropower.

How it functions?

Passengers first have to purchase pod access control swipe card. Only access card holders can enter into station. When a passenger gets into the pod, he/she has to select destination in the console. According to passenger’s selection central room sends the nearest Pod and selects the most economical route for the customer designated station. Inside the Pod, there is an LCD screen, an alarm button and two CCTV cameras.

All Pods are linked with central control room to communicate with the controller. If there is any emergency situation or the passenger wants to change destination on mid-way of travel then they can communicate with the control room easily. The Pods also have emergency exits also.


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