This is the first time Tiwari, also a creative writer, has published her poetry under the Author’s Pride Publication.

Speaking on the occasion, Tiwari said that ‘Beats of Beauty’ is a collection of profound poetry from every aspect of human life.

"I have not finished discovering myself and till then, read me in my words. No matter wherever I stay, no matter whatever I do for a living, but I breathe in my words!" Tiwari said while adding that "It is an emotional journey which at times highlights social issues in our society.”

The book beautifully describes the compassion, humility, relationships, feelings, love, life, divinity, spirituality as well as pain and death.

When asked about her inspiration and thought behind publishing this book, Tiwari, a progressive and non-conservative in thinking, said, “I got inspired by the work of Kalidas and Meghdootam."

Tiwari is also the founder of ‘Truth and Decisions’, an online blog and community aimed at helping students and mothers to discover the secret to balancing family life with a writing career.

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