Kolkata: In an innovative attempt, a popular singer and a famous poet have brought out a Bengali ghazal album, the first such move after the songs of poet Kazi Nazrul Islam in the early 20s.
Aptly named 'Musafirana' the album has eight 'shayari' numbers, interspersed with urdu expressions but remaining very much Bengali in essence and spirit, popular Bengali singer Srikanto Acharya said.
"There has been a long void ever since Nazrul penned the lyrics 'Bagichai bulbuli tui...', or 'alga karo go khopar bandhan...' in the early 20s. For long there had been no initiative to reinvent Bengali words in the ghazal mould, though Urdu couplets are immensely popular here," Acharya said.
Acharya has brought out more than 18 solo albums till date and was the playback singer in critically acclaimed 'Iti Mrinalini', 'Noukadubi', 'Chalo Let's Go', 'Khela' and 'Titli'.
He was struck with the idea after his performance of Mehdi Hassan's 'Gulshan Gulshan Shola E Gul Ki' was praised by the audience.
"Once I was back home, I got an sms from Srijato, who was among the audiences, praising my performance. I remember Srijato lamented that ghazal numbers are becoming a rarity here these days and that made me sit up." Srijato, one of the most famous Bengali poets of these days and recipient of Ananda Puroskar in 2004 for his book 'Uranta Sab Joker' (All Those Flying Jokers), said,"I was approached by Srikantoda to reproduce the flavour of ghazal in Bengali lyrics which seemed very interesting to me."
"I have consciously kept some Urdu words in the numbers to enhance the feel and also because modern Bengali has become a very flexible dialect having accommodated lots of everyday expressions from other languages," said Srijato, who had penned lyrics for Bengali film 'Autograph'.
The ghazal tracks, deal with the themes of love, estrangement, detachment and reunion.
"As a young successful poet Srijato has the ability to connect with the audiences with his brilliant lyrics full of imageries. If this experiment clicks we are game for more," Acharya said.
Orion Entertainment brought out the music album.
"The USP of the album is after a long gap the music industry has witnessed such a perfect and rare combination... which will enrich the rich catalogue of Bangla music," CEO Suvojit Roy said.