Antony Pointon, 35, was hiking around the Danes Moss Nature Reserve in Cheshire, UK playing the widely popular augmented reality and location-based game Pokemon Go. He was in a bid to crack open his five kilometre egg in the game when he spotted a dog running towards him and whining.
Following the dog across the park-which Pointon claims is a hotspot for rare Pokemon - he spotted an elderly woman who had fallen six feet into a bog, '' reported.
The woman, believed to be in her 60s, had slipped and was waist deep in mud, holding her second dog above the sticky mess, Pointon told 'Lad bible' website. The woman was waist-deep in the bog and had managed to call for an air ambulance, but they were not able to find her location.
"The helicopter found the woman's dog on the infra-red, they just could not locate her," said Pointon. He then waved down the helicopter following which the paramedics hauled the woman out.
"They had been looking around for 15-20 minutes before I found her," said Pointon.