Port Blair: Cracking the case of videography of semi-naked Jarawa tribal women, police on Tuesday arrested a constable who had allegedly asked the victims to dance and shot their video.

The Andaman and Nicobar Police arrested constable Silvarious Kindo after interrogating him at length following his identification by the victims.

"The probe reveals that the video was possibly shot in the months of July to November, 2007. The said video, which was broadcast on news channels, has also been sent for forensic examination to ascertain its date of recording and the device used to record the same," a police spokesperson said.

The police was able to crack the case after a minute inspection of the video in which a police constable in Khaki was seen. Following the lead, police identified all five tribal women seen in the video with the help of Aadim Janjati Vikasd Samiti, sources said.

After recording the statements of the victims, it came to light that that constable in the video is one Claton. The police searched records of all officials who had served with Claton at JPP Jirkatang were scrutinised and 40 officials were shortlisted.

The victims were asked to identify the personnel, who has asked them to dance in front of camera, on February 19. The identification parade was done along the of the Andaman Trunk Road with the help of Aadim Janjati Vikasd Samiti staff.

During the identification parade all the three victims identified Silvarious Kindo as the culprit who allegedly asked them to dance and video recorded them.

He has been arrested and put under suspension, they said.