New Delhi: Investigators believe that Sukhdev Singh Namdhari, arrested in connection with the Ponty Chadha case, had tried to destroy evidence regarding the pistol he allegedly used to fire during the killing of the brothers in a south Delhi farmhouse.

Delhi Police had yesterday recovered a 7.62 mm pistol from Namdhari's house in Uttarakhand.     Sources said it appeared that Namdhari allegedly manipulated the pistol. "We are awaiting expert opinion on it," a senior police official said.

Police are also investigating whether a shot allegedly fired by Namdhari hit Ponty. Ponty was allegedly hit from behind. Police sources claimed that the plans to take over the Chhatarpur farmhouse from Hardeep were hatched several days in advance by Ponty.

Investigators said that only a thorough investigation would make it clear whether Namdhari used only the pistol or any other firearm at the farmhouse. Delhi Police had alleged that Namdhari, the sacked Uttarakhand Minorities Commission Chairman, had opened fire at Ponty's brother Hardeep during the shootout at Chattarpur on November 17 in which both the brothers were killed.

However, Namdhari had said that he did not fire at Hardeep. Police also said forensic reports suggested that Hardeep aimed at Namdhari after which shots were fired at him. Namdhari was sacked as Uttarakhand Minorities Commission chairman after his proximity to Ponty came to light following the incident during which he was present.

Police had told a magisterial court in Delhi yesterday that Namdhari had confessed to having shot Hardeep in the farmhouse last Saturday with his pistol when Hardeep pointed his gun at him.


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