Police said that the gathering was 'illegal' and all those trying to participate in the 'Jat Mahapanchayt' will be detained.

The barricading of major roads around Tughlaq Road caused traffic snarls in various parts of central and south Delhi in the morning rush hour. The cascading effect was felt at INA, Teen Murti, Aurangzeb Road, Rajesh Pilot Road and several other roundabouts as traffic remained heavy.

The bungalow is currently occupied by Charan Singh's son RLD chief Ajit Singh who has refused to evict the government property and has demanded that the bungalow be converted into a memorial to his father.

The government, however, had rejected the demand, saying the Union Cabinet in 2000 had banned conversion of government bungalows into memorials.

According to a Delhi Traffic Police official, Prithviraj Road and Safdarjung Road were open for traffic but roads around Tughlaq Road including Arvindo Chowk have been shut down for normal traffic.

Singh, who lost the recently held election, was served the eviction notice and electricity supply to the sprawling bungalow was disconnected by the authorities last week.