New Delhi:  Police on Wednesday claimed to have in its possession a suicide note written by the 23-year-old BBA student, whose severed body was recovered from railway tracks, even as his family continues to point fingers at his girlfriend's family for his death.

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Investigators claimed Paras Bhasin's girlfriend, whom he secretly married in an Arya Samaj temple, gave a suicide note jointly written by them to police in the last week of August after her family objected to their relationship.

The body of Paras (23) was recovered from Pandav Nagar railway tracks on Saturday with police initially claiming it to be a case of suicide. Paras' family, however, alleged it to be a murder case.


Know Paras Bhasin Death Case

•    September 1, 3:30 pm: BBA student Paras Bhasin left home after talking to someone on phone.

•    September 1: Mutilated body of 23-year-old youth found at Pandav Nagar railway track.

•    September 1, 4:15 pm: Bhasin’s family received around 15 anonymous calls informing his death.

•    September 4: Police registers murder case click here

•    September 4: Police rules out honour killing after preliminary inquiry, says he was not chopped off and possibly run over by a train. Police also traced the person who called up Bhasin’s family to inform about his death. The person denied his involvement in the here

•    Four months ago, Paras Bhasin had married his girlfriend Shaily Mittal without the consent of their families in Arya Samaj Mandir and got the marriage registered.

•    August 24: His wife broke the news of the marriage to her family after which the tension cropped up between Bahsin and his wife’s family. The girls family were allegedly against the marriage.  

•    September 5: Police grills Shaily Mittal and her father on September 4, who revealed that Bhasin had attempted suicide earlier after which she immediately married him. She also gave the police a suicide note claiming to be written by the couple jointly.

The girl along with her father, whom Paras' family alleged was behind his death, was questioned on Tuesday. The suicide note has the signatures of both Paras and the girl and police is now verifying it.

"We will verify the handwriting," a senior police official said.

Sources said they checked the CCTV footage of Delhi Metro and Paras was spotted at Laxmi Nagar Metro Station in the evening.

Paras was seen boarding the Metro at Subhash Nagar metro Station at 3:14 PM on Saturday and reached Lakshmi Nagar Metro Station at 4.11 PM. Sources said Paras was seen alone.

Investigators also traced the person who made several calls to his family asking them to come to Pandav Nagar area to get the body of Paras but police said he did not appear to be involved in his death.

The caller was a passer-by who found Paras' ID card lying near his body and then made a call.


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