New Delhi:The Maharashtra Police is conducting massive search operation near Igatpuri to trace body of Pakistan origin Bollywood starlet Laila Khan. After forest contractor Pervez Tak’s confession regarding killing of Laila Khan and her kin, the police wants to recover all the bodies as well as to collect the evidences in this regard.

The police on Tuesday reached the Laila Khan’s bungalow at Igatpuri. Police kept a close watch on the way to reach Laila Khan’s bungalow at Igatpuri. Police had blocked the area so that vehicles could not enter the premises.

The police have arrested ex-watchman Prakash in this regard. The police are trying hard to find the evidences in Laila murder case. Interestingly, Police had already headed towards Igatpuri after Parvez’s confession in the sensational murder case.

Pervez had allegedly confessed that he along with his friends shot Laila and her family members dead and buried the bodies somewhere near the farm house.

Laila Khan’s driver Jolly and Mehboob along with ex-watchman of the bungalow had also been taken into custody for the investigation. Jolly said, “Pervez requested me to drive his car “outlander” to Kistwar as he is unable to do the same due to injury on his hand.” For this, Pervez gave Rs 6, 000 to Jolly.

Laila’s political connection

The strong evidences have been found hinting at Laila’s connection with political parties. During the investigation, Mumbai police had recovered a political party’s flag. Earlier, police had found photographs of some political leaders and police officials in Laila’s album.

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