"In the cases where national security is at stake, no information should be shared with the media till the whole operation is over or until all the accused have been apprehended," the Union Home Ministry said in an affidavit which was accompanied by a copy of guidelines issued in 2010.
The Ministry's affidavit was filed in compliance with the August 23 order of the Apex Court in which it had asked the Centre to state under what mechanism police officers are allowed to brief the media in cases being probed by them.
The guidelines include that the modus operandi of carrying out the operations should not be made public. "Only the particulars of apprehended persons and details of recovery should be revealed to media on completion of the operations," it said.
The affidavit contained an annexure of the 2010 advisory of the Home Ministry on 'Media Policy of Police' which mentioned the 15-point guideline to be followed by police officials while dealing with the media.
The court had sought a response of the Home Ministry while hearing a PIL filed in the wake of media coverage of Aarushi and Hemraj double murder case in Noida in which dentist couple Rajesh and Nupur Talwar are facing trial for the murder of their daughter and servant.


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