Malabo: Angola were given a police escort as they passed through the interview area between their dressing-room and team bus following their elimination from the African Nations Cup on Monday.   

Around 20 truncheon-wielding police were employed to stop the players being asked questions in the mixed zone media area by around 15 Angolan journalists following their 2-0 defeat to Ivory Coast.   

Players and officials are obliged to pass through the area, where a fence separates them from reporters, on their way to the bus.   

The police were clearly from Angola and not Equatorial Guinea, who are co-hosting the tournament alongside Gabon.   

One Angolan journalist said they had been threatened with reprisals on their return home if they showed footage or reported the incident.   

"They said we will be punished when we get back to Angola," he said.   

The post-match media conference also witnessed unusual scenes when coach Lito Vidigal complained about the standard of translation which was provided by a director of his federation.   

The embarrassed official had to translate criticism of himself made by Vidigal into English and French.    

At one stage Vidigal pulled a disapproving face and shook his head during translation and said his remarks had been taken out of context.