New Delhi: Underlying the significance of common man’s role in fighting against terrorism, who could avert any untoward incident by his alertness, Delhi Police urged people to be watchful and cooperate law enforcement agency in the face of terror attacks.

According to the Delhi Police, if any unidentified article or a suspicious person is spotted, people should inform cops.

“Protection of civilians remains our topmost priority. Delhi police has taken all preventive measures in this direction, but peoples’ cooperation is also required,” said Ashok Chand, Deputy Commissioner of crime branch.

“Delhi Police has launched a scheme to include the role of denizens in order to fend off terror attacks, which require them to be vigilant,” he added.

This scheme would be applicable at all prominent railway stations, bus stands and markets. The Delhi police always respects the brave people, if anyone wants to hide his name while giving any information, it will be done,” the Deputy Commissioner said.

JPN\ Bureau