Officials said the rally ground is not accessible to common people, and only Bharatiya Janata Party's (BJP) workers and office bearers with "valid identification" will be allowed at the venue.

Taking no chances after the serial blasts at his rally in Patna last month, which killed six people and injured 100, the Gujarat Police has also camped in the district and is holding advance security liason drills with its counterparts in Uttar Pradesh Police.

The security forces will also put an anti-mine checking procedure in place. Metal detectors will be installed at all entry points of the venue.

An official said that the police was "specially alert" as Bharaich neighbours Nepal, known for many years as a safe haven for terror groups. Only recently an Indian Mujhahideen (IM) operative Tehseen aka Monu was reportedly seen in the area.

Police has also posted his posters all across Bahraich and neighbouring areas for identification.

The Gujarat Police has also been advised by UP officials to "read the mind" of Modi about having a bullet proof enclosure at the venue, sources said.

A bullet proof enclosure was earlier installed at the Kanpur rally venue, but was removed hastily after Modi disapproved of speaking from behind it.

Admitting of a security upgrade for Narendra Modi, state spokesman of the BJP, Vijay Bahadur Pathak said that the party on its own was vigilant and the larger security was the responsibility of the police, anti-terrorist squad and other intelligence agencies.

"The Patna incident has explicitly bared the danger to Modi ji's life and to the nationalist forces. I request the state government to rise above political differences and provide fool proof security to our leader," he added.


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