Lucknow: Deputy CMO Dr Y S Sachan, who was found dead under mysterious circumstances in Lucknow jail on June 22, in his written letter had alleged that he had been threatened to sign on blank papers.

Dr Sachan in his letter to Joint Director (Administration) of Family Welfare dated April 10 stated that he along with other two accused was forced to mark their signatures on blank papers on April 8.

Sachan had reportedly sent this letter to Joint Director Rajendra Singh after his return from police custody on April 10.

Dr Sachan wrote that he along with Dr CJ Yadav and PC Verma was compelled to put their signatures on blank papers while being taken from jail to custody on April 8.

The letter added that Sachan suspected the sign on the blank paper could be misused and if it happens, the administration and Rajendra Singh would be responsible for the same.

It should be learnt that his wife Dr Malti earlier informed the media persons that Dr Sachan had been forced to sign blank papers in police custody.

“This information was given to me by him during our meeting in the court,” she said earlier.

Meanwhile, jail officials are not able to give a clear answer about the matter and efforts have been made to put this evidence under covers.

Now the question is why the police took signatures on blank papers? However, after revelation of the letter, the fact cannot be ignored that Dr Sachan’s death was well-planned.