Kolkata: Although, the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamta Banerjee has announced seven- day ultimatum to Maoists to lay down arms or be ready for the final war, police has started tightening grip in the areas under Maoists stronghold without waiting for their formal response on the state government ultimatum.

The state government seems to be hardening its stance towards the Maoists in backdrop of indirect violent responses from them. After Banerjee issued seven-day ultimatum to rethink their violent ways, posters appeared in tribal Lalgarh asking her to keep her poll promises of withdrawal of joint forces and release of jailed Maoists.

The posters also announced life-threats to the Trinamool Congress leaders if their demands would not be fulfilled.

Such kinds of responses from the Maoists have diminished all hopes to chalk out any peaceful way to communicate with them. Following the Maoists indirect responses in form of life threatening posters, police is now looking for the last day of government ultimatum ending on October 22.

Before ultimatum period ends, Banerjee will visit Delhi to talk with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Union Home Minister P Chidambaram on this issue.
Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has expressed solidarity over the WB hardening stance towards the Maoists and has also expressed the need to start joint police operations against the red groups.

However, Banerjee wants to use the issued seven-day ultimatum to the Maoists in drawing the government strategy in case of negative response on behalf of the Maoists.