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Police to seek life imprisonment for Delhi gang rape accused

Publish Date: 21 Dec 2012, 08:04 PM
Last Updated: 21 Dec 2012, 08:04 PM
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Police to seek life term for rapist
Police to seek life term for rapist

New Delhi: Faced with public outrage over the gang rape in Delhi, government on Friday promised to file the charge sheet in the case "quickly" and seek maximum punishment – life imprisonment -- for the accused.

Union Home Secretary R K Singh said police will seek day-to-day hearing of the case for expeditious trial so that the accused could be convicted soon.

Complimenting the Delhi Police for cracking the "blind case" within a very short span of time, Singh said at a press conference that the police have been able to arrest right persons -- five of them were arrested -- while one was still on the run.

"With the evidence gathered so far - circumstantial, forensic and others - we are confident that we will be able to convict the accused," said Singh, who was flanked by Delhi Police top brass, including Commissioner of Police Neeraj Kumar.

Singh said henceforth no 'goondagardi' (rowdiness), 'dadagiri' (bullying) or misbehaviour with women will be tolerated and police action will be visible on the ground.

The Home Secretary said no public transport - buses, taxis, autos - will be allowed to ply in the national capital without police verification of drivers, cleaners or assistants and vehicles violating the rules would be impounded.

He said drunk driving, drinking and loitering, driving with tinted glass and other unlawful activities will be dealt firmly and all public transport will have to install GPS device for their close monitoring.

Singh said plain clothes policemen will be deployed in buses and those vehicles coming from neighbouring states will be thoroughly checked and dark films from the window panes will be removed and those persons having licences from other states but driving vehicles in the city, will have to undergo fresh test.

Kumar said there will be a crack down on chartered buses - one of which was used for the crime. So far 1,600 such vehicles have been impounded for violating various rules.

"The regime we would like to put in place will be very strict," he said.

Asked about the growing demand that the accused should be given death penalty, Singh said police was working as per law and according to the law, life imprisonment is the maximum punishment for rape.

On the possibility of including death penalty in the law for rape convict, he said, "We will have to look into the demand...but there are many jurists, various human rights groups which are demanding abolition of capital punishment in India, though I personally believe that there should be death penalty for such crime".

Asked whether the Commissioner of Police would resign from his post taking moral responsibility of the case, Singh intervened said police has done "outstanding" job in cracking the case and trying to restore confidence among people through various security measures.

He said Delhi Police was not defensive in its response to the case and prima facie there was no fault in their part in response and investigation into the case.

The Home Secretary said advisory will be sent to all states sensitizing them about crime against women and taking prevent measures.

Asked as to what will be the change in Delhi's policing after Sunday's gang-rape, the Home Secretary said, "There will be no tolerance to misbehaviour to women and crime against women.

"Delhi people will move freely, we will ensure that all action is taken by Delhi Police. People of Delhi will feel it," he said.

On the criticism that authorities were deploying more policemen on VIP guarding duties, Singh said there were 7,200 policemen who were guarding 2,700 'X', 'Y', 'Z' category protectees.


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  • madan gupta22 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    Hang the rapists. But first award Bharat Ratna to women who PROUDLYwent nude in the past with permission of parents. President should invite their parents to have lunch with Him. Have you seen a man going nude anywhere in the world? Award Padam Shri to boys who went nude. Prime Minister should invite their parents to dinner. Hang the girls who smoke srugs in Hookah bar. hang the girls who use drugs in Rave party. Hangs the girls who do prostitution in dance bars. Only then the Bharatmata will be HAPPY. Madan Lal Gupta, Harianawala

  • Satish Chandra22 Dec 2012, 00:00 AM

    The outrage at the gang rape and brutalization of a girl in New Delhi and the incident itself has been engineered by RAW to divert attention from its trafficking of Indian children to be used as food: RAWsTraffickingOfIndianChildrenDOTblogspotDOTcom . There is a large and growing market for the meat of Indian children in certain countries. A large number of Indians in the Meerut area and elsewhere are employed in this industry -- the busting of "a 150-member gang, which allegedly used to slaughter abducted children, roast their bodies and eat them after failing to strike a handsome deal with child traffickers" was reported at : dailyDOTbhaskarDOTcom/article/UP-another-horror-nithari-like-vampires-exposed-in-meerut-2878885DOThtml . The plans for Walmart's entry into India include a vast expansion of this industry, setting up better and more efficient supply chains and processing plants within India; at present the children are taken out of India to be processed. Satish Chandra