New Delhi: In a fallout of the terror attack at Delhi High Court, the Delhi police have issued a decree to its officers deployed at the court, asking them not to carry mobile phones while on duty.

Alarmed by the continuous shedding of reputation in the public, the Delhi police have also asked its officers neither to chat on cell phone nor to read newspapers or magazines while on duty.

Expressing displeasure over the orders, some of the police officials said, “it will be very hard for our families to communicate with us at times of emergency.”

‘No place to take shelter’

Meanwhile, the junior rung officials who have to be outdoors for call of duty for hours have rued the fact that no attention is paid for providing shelters to them, but they are held responsible for all the untoward incidents.

“Often security personnel deployed in security are alleged of negligence for any shocking incident, but no one ever paid attention to our problems,” said a security officer deployed outside the High Court adding, “We work day and night and then also get nothing in reward.”