London: A British holidaymaker was left shocked after he found a menu at a restaurant in Poland offering a portion of 'cervical cancer.'

The Kent native, Owen Durray, was dining at the Bee Jays eatery in Poznan when he saw the stomach-turning dish, media reported.

The menu had 'Cervical cancer served on beetroot carpaccio with mustard-honey dip' among the cold starters.

Durray told the publication that no one he knew has had cervical cancer but he can imagine that if it had been seen by somebody else they might have been upset.

He said that he quickly lost his appetite, as the meaning doesn't exactly encourage you to order anything.

Durray, 32, complained to the establishment, who claimed that the name of the dish - which is actually crayfish, was lost in translation.

A spokesman for the Bee Jays insisted that it was a mistake in translation. The representative asserted that the food item was for crayfish and somehow that got turned into Cervical Cancer.

The spokesman added that they would be having a word with their translator and he apologized if they had offended anyone.


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