New Delhi: Facing stern protests to bring a strong anti-graft law, the UPA government seems to have played a safe game by introducing a new version of Lokpal Bill that has invited political backlash owing to some provisions in the anti-graft bill.

According to the present version of the Bill, appointment of members and chief of Lokpal will be under the direct control of the Central Government. The Chapter II, Clause 4 (1) of the Ombudsman Bill states that the five-member committee set up for appointment of the Chairman and members of the proposed Lokpal body will include the Prime Minister, Lok Sabha Speaker and senior legal experts nominated by the government.

In such condition, even if the Chief Justice or any Opposition leader comes under the appointment panel, the government will enjoy total control over selection as well as impeachment of the Lokpal members.

Likewise, there is no independent body which will entertain the complaints against Lokpal members in the UPA’s version of Lokpal Bill.

The chapter X, clause 37 states that the Lokpal can only be debarred from his duties after the President receives a written complaint signed by minimum 100 members of Parliament against him. However, the Supreme Court can also intervene in the impeachment of the Lokpal.