No wonder, the people sitting at the Centre only exercise their right to rule the nation as per whims and fancies, its clarified with a feeling why was the decision to hike petrol kept pending? When the petroleum pricing has been deregulated how it was envisaged to create pressure on the oil companies for not hiking petrol prices till the results of all assembly elections in five states? The fact remains that petrol prices were hiked within 24 hours of the announcement of election results, clearly indicating about vote bank even in the economy related issues. While such measures violate the economic policies, it’s also a political gambit that petrol prices are regulated with an eye on election or vote bank calculation. Atleast the Election Commission must take cognizance of the matter because the regulation of petrol prices was aimed at providing fake relief to the voters in five states. The action of Election Commission becomes imperative when the government plays with the economy of the nation on important policy decisions due to electoral gains. It is true that the matter of serious economic ramifications has been used as a political tool by the Centre realizing doubts on policies, especially when the government is being headed by an eminent Economist, Manmohan Singh. It is wrong that the government headed by him is politicizing the issues of Indian Economy.

The age-old justification for hike of petrol prices cannot be accepted any longer which describes that it is done in view of rising crude prices in the international market. It is true that the crude oil prices have witnessed a spike but the citizens now understand why several duties have been levied on the import of petroleum products. Eventually, both the Centre and the state governments have imposed such duties. Besides, several surcharges have also been levied on petroleum products. How can it be justified that the government makes a product dearer by imposing additional duties and surcharges, which are already witnessing a spike in the global market? If the Centre and the state governments are left with no other option than hiking fuel prices to generate revenue, it finally depicts reality that the government is incapable of protecting the interests of a common man. The most ironical and disturbing fact about the hike of petrol prices is that duties levied on the petroleum products exceed their cost of production. In the context, a common man cannot be blamed for his assessment that he is reeling under the pressure of price hike and the hike is a gross injustice done on part of the government. If the Central government continues to hike the prices of petroleum products through justification of rise in the international market, then it is impossible to claim that it actually cares the interests of common citizens of the nation.