Dehradun: Even after completing 11 years of its statehood, Uttarakhand is yet to achieve the desired results on development front, thanks to political instability and rampant corruption. And for this both the political parties, Congress and BJP, which have ruled the state are equally responsible.

Uttarakhand came into existence on November 9, 2000 as the 27th state of the country after the bifurcation of UP. Unfavorable geographical condition, battered economic situation, de-industrialization and developmental backwardness were the factors behind creation of the new state. However, conditions remain the same in the state.

Uttarakhand is lagging behind Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh in the developmental front. The bitter truth is that Uttarakhand is yet to get a separate identity from its parent state of UP.

The politics in the state is similar to that of UP. However, it has the dominance of two mainstream parties, and the BSP has a negligible presence here.

The political instability in the state can be gauzed from the fact that during the tenures of BJP or Congress, there has always been a sword hanging on the head of Chief Ministers.

The Congress somehow managed to retain its CM during 5 years of its regime, but it was not the same for BJP which had to change its Chief Ministers due to dissidents or due to some other reasons.

Overall the state has witnessed 6 CMs in the 11 years of its existence.

The change in leadership and political tug of war have not only halted the pace of development but also promoted corruption in the state.