Sailing through high decibel resentments and riding the waves of public supports, the long-delayed Lokpal Bill was finally tabled in the Parliament amidst ear-deafening ruckus from all hues of political parties, eclipsing the future of anti-graft bill. A large scope of suspicion is hovering over passing the bill in the House, as netas cutting across political spectrum have fallen in line to post their reservations regarding the provisions of the Bill like posing threat to federal structure, minority quota, government control over CBI and inclusion of the Prime Minister under the purview of ombudsman. The most soaring point is the provision of 50 percent reservation for SC or ST, OBC, minorities and women in the 9-member Lokpal body. Amid the preparation of providing constitutional status to the Lokpal, giving provision for reservation in anti-graft body raises questions over the wisdom of the ruling dispensation at the Centre, which will have wide repercussion making way for quota in judiciary and Election Commission as well. It is highly disappointing that a mission to form anti-graft ombudsman, which has been hang-fired for 43-long years, is being hamstrung with reservation kerfuffle. It is pertinent to raise question, whether Lokpal body is meant for fighting corruption or accommodating the people of all classes under quota system?

As the government has ensured that half of the members of Lokpal body should be those who are getting benefit of reservation, it is palpable that the purpose of making strong ombudsman would get defeated. It is profound irony that during selection of the members for the Lokpal, apart from merits, qualifications and integrity, caste would also be factored. With the provision for minority’s inclusion in Lokpal, the government has given a new dimension to the quota system as it has pitched for reservation on the grounds of religion. Understandably, all political parties are somersaulting to woo minority in the face of ensuing assembly elections in five states, but it does not mean that they should play with the Constitution. It is condemnable that the government is on the one hand working against the Constitution, on the other it puts logic that our job is to make laws, the constitutional safeguard is looked after by the judiciary. Going by the cacophony over the Lokpal bill, it is unlikely that the anti-graft bill will take the form of a law and it will be effective to root out corruption.