New Delhi /Srinagar: The decision of political parties to demand clemency for selected convicts on death row for scoring political points has now boomeranged on them. While the Afzal Guru issue has created problems for the Congress and National Conference, the BJP is in a fix over Devendra Singh Bhullar issue as Akali Dal, their ally in Punjab, has decided to bring a resolution in the Assembly demanding clemency for Bhullar. 

A day after the Tamil Nadu Assembly passed an unprecedented resolution asking the President to reconsider the mercy pleas of former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's killers, J&K Chief Minister Omar Abdullah had tweeted: “If J&K Assembly had passed a resolution similar to the Tamil Nadu one for Afzal Guru would the reaction have been as muted? I think not.”

Omar’s tweet had invited strong reactions from different quarters. However, now his party’s stance on Afzal Guru Case remains undecided.

PDP by proclaiming its support to the proposal has increased the woes of the National Conference. This issue would be discussed in the Assembly on September 28. National Conference fears that both support and protest on the issue would hamper its interest.

Condition is such that Omar has been eluding from the meeting of party legislators in order to prevent a decision on the proposal. If the National Conference extends its supports to the proposal then it may have a negative effect on the Congress alliance and Omar position may be in danger.

Weighing the other option, if PDP goes against the motion, the Separatists can accuse Omar of being an agent of the Central government.   

Even Congress is in a dilemma as it knows that although the local sentiments are coxing it to support the proposal it is scared of the ramifications of such move at the national stage. Moreover, the Congress MLAs in Kashmir are supporting the issue, but MLAs from Jammu region have objected to it.  

In the Assembly, there are 28 members of NC and PDP has 21 members. If both these parties vote in favour of the resolution even the combined vote of the BJP, Congress and Panthers Party would stand less in numbers.

The principal opposition BJP has its own share of problem on the issue. It is well aware of the fact that it cannot afford any chink in its alliance with the Akali Dal, which is in support of clemency for Bhullar.

The party is finding it difficult to distance itself from the Akali’s move at a time when it is leaving no stone unturned to corner the Congress over the Afzal issue.

However, the condition of Congress is more pitiable than BJP. While it is shying away from making any clear statement on both the issues as it is conscious of the fact that it can’t let the message go out that the party or the Central government is soft on terror.

When asked for the party’s stand on the issue, Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi said that law would take its own course.

(JPN/ Bureau)