Lucknow: In a measure to woo the farmers ahead of Assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, the political parties have started lobbying over the issue of sugarcane support price.

Recently, the Opposition parties started creating pressure on the state government to lower the State Advisory Price (SAP) for canes from Rs 350 per quintal.

The demand stirred up sugar mills owners as they expressed inability before the government to pay more than Rs 171 per quintal for canes which is likely to go up if the government pushes up its support price under the Opposition’s pressure.

Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA) said that sugar mills are not in good economic condition.

Indifferent from the Opposition’s lobbying and the views of sugar mill owners, farmers’ unions are demanding Rs 350 per quintal for canes.

A member of the farmer union said that cane price less than Rs 350 would not be beneficial for the farmers.

It should be noted that, the Central government is not lagging in attracting the sugarcane growers by announcing a 17 percent increase in fair and remunerative prices (FRP), a year ahead of the polls in UP.