Giving fresh ammo to the Opposition in the run-up of the monsoon session of the Parliament, former Telecom Minister A Raja’s move to drag Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and the then Finance Minister P Chidambaram in the quagmire of 2G spectrum case has stirred up political landscape, cranking up the Congress-BJP war of words to another height. Raja has pinned the blame that both Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram stamped their consents on the decision to allow telecom firms that got 2G licences to sell equity for large profits. The ruling party is trying to dilute the Raja’s charge terming it an accused bid to cover himself from the gear of investigation, but this is not enough to scatter cloud of doubts over South Block. The political situation of the country is now pure Alice in Wonderland. The decision of Raja regarding doling out 2G licences was said to have been jettisoned by the Prime Minister and the then Finance Minister, who had even shot off letters mentioning their disapproval regarding Raja’s move on 2G issue. Now, the nub of the whole saga is that despite the denunciation of Manmohan Singh and Chidambaram, why did Raja bend law to his whims and fancies during the allocation of 2G spectrum? After Raja spilled the 2G beans, may be it is his game to shift the spotlight of investigation, the political temperature has gone up in the country, but there is a dire need to scan Raja’s blame if it holds any essence.    

A Raja’s blame could have some ground as the Centre pulled out all stops to defend him and stonewalled his arrest fearing his revelation during the investigation could open Pandora’s Box. The prime Minister himself had declined any irregularities in allocation of 2G and also there was a deliberate move to term exchequer loss owing to 2G bungling as a zero. It is a stark reality that the rules were warped with impunity during the 2G allocation and the telecom companies which had got 2G licesnces to sold out their stakes for maximal benefits. It is difficult to swallow the pill that a minister could orchestrate such big mess up without having been patronized by high-ups of the power gallery. There could be a coalition compulsion, but it does not allow any minister or established dispensation to engineer the Spectrumgate that dented state coffer and roughed up the credential of the ruling government. Though the ruling-opposition hoopla over Raja’s charge has reached its crescendo, there is a need to ascertain the truth of Raja’s blame with probity.