New Delhi: In view of larger national interest, the Supreme Court has asked all the political parties contesting elections in state Assembly to refrain from politicising the black money issue.

A bench of Justice B Sudarshan Reddy and Justice SS Nijjar said, “The issue is a very serious one. Let us not unnecessarily politicise it.” The bench reserved the decision when senior counsel Ram Jethmalani gave a politically motivated statement about the tax evader and money launderer Hasan Ali Khan.

While presenting the conversation of Maharashtra police officer Ashok Deshbhratar and Hasan Ali Khan before the bench, Jethmalani said that the conversation clearly indicated that there was interference of 10 Janpath (Sonia Gandhi’s residence) in the matter.

A senior advocate had filed a petition defending IPS officer Deshbhratar. Jethmalani gave a CD and a pendrive of the recording of the investigation carried out by Ashok Deshbhratar on Hasan Ali issue to the court.

Jethmalani said the suspended officials wanted to assist the court in this case, but the officers when on March 15 expressed their will to the court, the Government of Maharashtra has ordered their suspension on March 21.
Earlier, Solicitor General Gopal Subramaniam, after the court order had presented the Deshbhratar’s CDs and tapes of the statements of Hasan Ali and had said that a video was also recorded in this respect.

JPN/ Agencies