It is baffling to see that politics is being played over Sachin Tendulkar’s nomination to the Rajya Sabha. This indicates that every issue in the country is politicized. Nominating a personality to the Rajya Sabha through the President’s quota is the right of the government. And there shouldn’t be any doubt over his nomination as he deserves it in every way. Those raising fingers over Sachin’s nomination have forgotten that the government was mulling over honouring him with Bharat Ratna. Some people are unnecessarily raising controversy by saying that if Sachin can be nominated to the Rajya Sabha then why not Ganguly. Another argument that Cricket is getting extra attention and will adversely affect other sport is absurd. It is surprising that a cricketer for the first time has been nominated to the Rajya Sabha and is faced with opposition. There can be no denying that cricket among all sports has caught the imagination of India the most and has become a binding force.

No matter what the intention was behind nominating Sachin to the Rajya Sabha but the decision should be welcomed. It will be a mistake on the part of the government if it assumes to reap political benefit out of it. A lot will depend on Sachin whether he sides with the Congress or not. Even if he does, it should solely be his decision. Some have even begun giving suggestions to Sachin in this regard. No doubt it would be expected that Tendulkar keeps himself away from partisan politics but that doesn’t mean it is binding. No one knows who will Sachin side with but the Congress by nominating him to the Rajya Sabha should not be in the illusion that they will reap political benefits out of it.