The letter came a day after PM Modi had said that 'Indian Muslims will live and die for India' and that 'Al-Qaeda will fail in India'.

While BJP said that Kejriwal is taking Modi's support to remain in news and to make himself audible, BJD leader Jay Panda welcomed PM's statement and said such statements should be welcomed.

Meanwhile, CPI leader Atul Anjan said that Kejriwal should now write next to request Modi to resign from post like he himself did.

Modi in an interview to a news channel said that the patriotism of Indian Muslims could not be questioned and said that they will live and die for India and not dance to the tunes of terror outfit Al-Qaeda.
"Indian Muslims will live for India, they will die for India - they will not want anything bad for India," he told a news channel in a rare media interview.
He was asked about the head of Al-Qaeda issuing a video and an appeal trying to create an Al-Qaeda in India- South Asia saying he wants to free Muslims from the "oppression" they face in Kashmir and Gujarat.
Modi's statement about Indian Muslims comes ahead of his visit to United States where he will address the UN General Assembly.

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