The political parochialism is widening with nearing of the date of hanging the assassins of Rajiv Gandhi. The high degree of political narrowness is not only objectionable but also unfortunate. Till date a handful of regional bodies were seeking clemency for Rajiv Gandhi killers but now DMK supremo and former Chief Minister Karunanidhi has joined the bandwagon opposing death sentence being awarded to the three killers. His appeal to the Central government to grant mercy to the assassins on plea to make the Tamil citizens happy is only adding fuel to fire and igniting people all over. This is the worst kind of regionalism which shows its disrespect to the rule of law and supports regional parochialism. It is really sad that the killers of Rajiv Gandhi are being portrayed as a symbol of ‘Tamilwad’. This should be combated at all levels. Chief Minister Jayalalithaa expressed her inability to intervene in the President’s order which rejected the clemency petition of all the three convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case namely-Murugan, Perarivalan and Santhan. But the state’s coalition party DMDK’s leaning towards Karunanidhi’s stance on this matter is not a welcome gesture. Another party, PMK, is also engaged in proving the point that if the Chief Minister is endowed with a strong will power then the three lives can be saved. This is nothing but a process of jeopardizing anti-national politics. This is the mean politics wherein killers are being defended. This kind of politics reveals that the politicians are neither concerned about national interest nor care for the constitutional values and beliefs.

It is alarming that killers who have been sentenced to the gallows are being defended in the name of region and religion. If this kind of politics receives support then it will become impossible to award death sentence to any convict. In this context it cannot be ignored that some time back, the Opposition was mounted against awarding death sentence to a terrorist in Punjab on the basis of his being a Punjabi. The state government along with some political and non-political organisations took initiative in this case. Prior to this, plea of not awarding death sentence to a terrorist from Kashmir and the accused in the Parliament attack, Afzal Guru, was put forward citing the reason that his punishment would worsen the condition of the state. This appeal was made by none other a veteran Congress leader and gradually other political parties followed suit. When the political parties claim to be the defender and guide of the nation show such kind of shallowness, and teach the nation to act on the path of parochialism. In case of death sentence to convicts, such petty politics should be stopped with immediate effect. Undoubtedly this will be possible only when the Central government shuns its wavering attitude in the case of offenders who have been awarded death sentence. The Central government should intervene soon before the case of hanging the killers of Rajiv Gandhi to death, blows out of proportion.