Inconsonance with other post-budget remarks, Dinesh Trivedi’s Rail Budget has also chugged off to spurring as well as snubbing comments, but the most unlikely thing that rattled the ruling establishment at the Centre was political topsy-turvy after the Budget speech was wrapped up. It is a profound irony that the Trinamool Congress per se vehemently rapped on the knuckles of Dinesh Trivedi for across-the-board hike in passengers fare. The leaders of Trinamool including Mamata Banerjee mounted pincer attack on the government for rolling back the fare spike. Given the post-budget brouhaha, it is all likelihood that Railway Minister Dinesh Trivedi may lose his post. Of course, the Trinamool Congress like other political parties has right to register their reservations against the proposals of the budget, but it is true that Dinesh Trivedi has not done anything for which he should face axe. Rather the Minister has done a commendable job by taking some bold decisions for the betterment of the Indian railways. For the last nine years, passenger fare, may be for political gains, was not spiraled up which left railways bleeding, so the move taken by Dinesh Trivedi undoubtedly deserves patting.

Owing to the falling financial health of the Railways, it was not being possible to implement the announcements concerning to the safety and security of the trains. It is really praiseworthy that Dinesh Trivedi chose to take some concrete steps to improve the safety and security conditions. If an independent regulatory system could be set up for rationalization of fare and freight rates, it will definitely help in checking the practice of running railways on the track of populism. There is no point in operating the railways by overlooking the financial norms. No doubt, the hike in fare somewhat has an impact on the common man who is already badly hit by skyrocketing prices, but at the same time not allowing hike in fare even after a decade makes no sense at all. If the Trinamool Congress leadership believes that there should be no extra burden of even a single penny on the shoulder of the common man, then the party should also suggest the ways and means to the Railways for generating financial resources. Though, the Centre is spending billions of rupees on subsidy and welfare schemes, it doesn’t mean that rail fare should not be allowed to be hiked. It sounds good that the Centre is praising the Rail Budget, but the real and most awaited change will come when the narrow-minded politics is prevented from creating the hindrance in smooth functioning of the Railways.